about 20 minutes until i leave!!!!

On friday i went to the lib(r)ary with steph as usual. We were supposed to go to the mall w/ chris m + gisell and people..but we didn't because chris was busy. On Saturday me & steph went to cyndiis + rande's show (THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD)and it rocked, we started screaming their names and they loved it. Before the show, me & steph went upstairs and walked through the DARK hallways until we heard one scary noise and we ran. Today is HALLOWEEN and me, rande + steph are going over cynthia's house from 4-10:30 on a school nite!!! ITS GOING TO BE THE BEST (=

I'll write more later.
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i can't wait till halloween

I can't wait till halloween - 4 days =)

Nothing interesting has happened in the last few days, um on friday i'm going to the mall w/ ppl as usual & on sunday (HALLOWEEN) i'm going over cyndii's house..what else? I don't know if i should sleepover or go home late, my mom will be pissed at me if she has to pick me up at like 11-12. And she'll be mad if i sleepover on a school night..or not..

Alicia likes someone i think i used like 2 weeks ago, i think i should become his friend before um liking him.

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happy birthday veronica.

I of course didn't go to school today because i got home pretty late last night. So now i'm pretty bored because theres no1 to call since everyone's getting an education & all that jazz. I think me, cyndii & steph are going to town tmw to look at/pay for our t-shirts..fun fun fun.

That's all for now, though i may write later



Today's the grand opening of hollister @ jv. I have to check it out on friday/saturday

I felt like posting that because it was important. Going to the library with steph on friday as usual then were going to gisell's with people..CAN'T WAIT. We might ask randy to drive us to the mall though =]

10/10/04 BEST TIME!!

I had the time of my life yesterday at cyndi's house with steph, jess, gina & rande. First of all, we went to her pond but it's woods but they call it the pond because there's a pond there. We made a bonfire & we roated marshmellows. Since rande couldn't come to the pond, we decided to play manhunt with out him. I was running pretty fast when i fell right in the pond..well almost in it, i died. Everyone laughed - duh. So then gina, jess & steph came running out yelling that they saw like 3 skunks..at that point we decided to leave the woods. We went back to cyndii's house & played halloween resurection + murder in the dark..but our versions were the fucking best/coolest. Then we ended up playing halloween resuraction outside at like 10:30-11pm then rande had to go home =/ We then caused MUCH MISCHIEF in Pac..what can i say? we were the HOODIE J'S =] Then we watched movies and gina & jess fell asleep. Stephyy, cyndii & i stayed up till like 5am and then we went to sleep. And we woke up at 9? and watched thirteen.

Going to town tomrrow with stephanie + cynthia to see how much printed tshirts would cost. Because we love a night at the roxbury & what is love?.


Can't wait

I guess i haven't updated in a while. Anyways, my birthdays soon so that's obviously good for me. Tomorrow I'm going to cyndii's for a sleepover with gina, stephy, jess & gisell..i can't wait - it's gunna so fun

19 days till my birthday

I went to my first pep rally yesterday. We got to miss 8th period so yay to that because i have math. Anyways, stephy came on my bus so she could go to the library to work & i came with her. We stayed there until 4:55 & then we went to a movie rental place and got thirteen. We went to her house and chillled of course. We wanted to go to homecoming but I had to go home around 8:20 to do my gayass polish school homework. When i was done, i called back steph and asked her if she still wanted to go and she couldn't =/ (I was dressed up with MAJOR school spirit by the way) So we decided we should go to the mall but that idea went to hell when my mom flipped a shit. 10 mins later my mom lets me go b/c my brother is going but i said no. And i forgot to mention that i love stephyy.

Today was okay..i've been really called all day. I think i have the flu or something, but as always no1 believes me.

Mall next friday with people, were carpooling of course =)

Since i didn't go to homecoming, i heard Mahopac BEAT Yorktown - Go us.

Steph - i have ur yellow beaded necklace..i love it! okay don't judge me & I'm happy for you and chris<33

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does anyone know where to buy marilyn monroe purses/handbags besides the her official site & ebay?

A particular one i'm looking for is a handbag with a picture of her in tan w/ brown accents. i saw a girl at school with one & it looks so pretty. I should ask her where she got it.